Love Letter

I don’t ever think I have messaged a food before but I feel this is needed.

Arizona gunslinger you are my fav hot sauce on the planet.   It goes beyond that.   I put you on EVERYTHING.  I have a purse slinger, 2 work desk slingers and 4 in the fridge.   The jalapeno pepper is MY BAE and the one I have the most of.   Today I discovered you have steak sauce cousin.   How am I suppose to continue to go to work KNOWING there is more slinger I have not tried.  It’s an obsession!!   I know this…I would rock an AZ gunslinger shirt if I had one.  I let EVERYONE in my life know about you and how amazing you are and what you mean to me.   I always have a bottle of you on me.  You are like my epi pen!   I have to have it just in case a certain food comes my way when I am out.  I need to be prepared.

I have never had a crush on a food……Until I met you.   Please never go out of business!!  I would not know how to live not breathing the same air as you Jalapeno pepper sauce.   I do apologize I am gonna check out your cousin steak sauce.   I know you have always been my steak sauce but I just have to taste to be certain you will always be the one.   I know I even put you on salads (everyone laughs) BUT THEY DONT KNOW HOW GOOD YOU ARE AND GO WONDERFUL ON EVERYTHING!!!

I go through a bottle a week and just found out I can buy you by the gallon…  Goodbye tax return.

I love you, Gunslinger… ❤

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