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A Brief History of Cinco de Mayo

Spicing up the Tacos!

Deer tacos, beer and mac n cheese for dinner…..o yeah spicing up the tacos with some great Arizona Gunslinger hot sauces, best stuff out there……

Hot Stuff!

Some of my new super bowl favorites ….hot stuff!

Get Your Ribs!

Get your Ribs, pick your sauce, devour.

1 Hot Chic

Thank You, Shane, for the great picture and we would 100% agree that is 1 Hot Chic!

17lbs. of Chicken Wings

17 lbs of chicken wings, a little less than a gallon of hot sauce, and the NFL conference championships. Sounds about right!

Red Jalapenos vs. Green Jalapenos

The same…but different. Jalapeño peppers are hands down the most popular hot pepper around, but most don’t know that it comes in different shades. That’s right – there are green jalapeños and red jalapeños. What’s the difference? Is one spicier than the

Top 10 Health Benefits of Jalapenos

Rich in vitamin A Another vitamin that jalapenos contain a lot of is vitamin A. This component plays a huge role in the immune systems and functions. This means that getting an adequate amount of this vitamin helps the body

15 Spicy Facts About Chili Peppers

Peppers, or members of the genus capsicum, come in all shapes, sizes, colors—and spiciness.  Learn more about the varied and interesting fruit native to Central and South America.

101 Best Restaurants in America

If you eat out in the U.S.A. and want the best dining experiences possible, this guide is for you. What makes a good restaurant a “best”?   Food that’s better than just good, of course.   A dining room and a level

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