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Bryan, Scottsdale, AZ

Az Gunslinger in Jamaica man!  Thanks, Bryan for the great picture!!🌶☀️🌴🔥‬

Our Littlest Fan

Never too early to start enjoying Arizona Gunslinger!

Bonnie, McKinney, TX

Looking Smokin’ Hot Bonnie in your Gunslinger T-Shirt!!

Steve, Phoenix, AZ

Going to be gone at lunch?   Bring your Gunslinger with you!!🔥🌶🔥

Deanna, St. George, UT

WOW!  Now, this is LOVE for Arizona Gunslinger.  Thank You, Deanna!!

Echo, Phoenix AZ

Echo LOVES her Arizona Gunslinger with her french fries!

Eat A Pepper If You Have A Stuffy Nose

In addition to making your tongue hurt, capsaicin can also help unblock your sinuses.  While this is not a good fix if you’re having trouble breathing (please see a doctor if this is the case!), a spicy pepper can help

How To Clean Your Cutting Boards

Cutting boards take a lot of abuse — they’re designed to handle cutting, smashing, even pulverizing. It’s important to keep them up to the task by making sure they’re properly cleaned and sanitized. Cutting boards made of wood or plastic

Foods You Shouldn’t Refrigerate

Since coming onto the scene in the late 19th century, modern refrigeration has made a bunch of great things possible — we’re talking ice cream, lager beer, strawberries in December, meat that doesn’t kill you, the list goes on.  But

7 Health Benefits of Hot Sauce

How spicy do you like it? Many people enjoy that tongue-tingling, lip-burning sensation that comes from eating hot sauces, which contain the scorching heat of chile peppers. Some people may prefer a milder heat with more flavor while others (who

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