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Early Days

In the early days, Bill, 3 employees and myself, his daughter would hand fill the 5oz. bottles by hand using a ketchup squeeze bottle.  We would, of course, wear gloves, but sometimes the heat of the sauce would burn through

New Mexico – Pepper Mash

Once Bill was introduced to a broker he knew that he could no longer use the jalapenos from his garden. He found a company in New Mexico that would make what is called “pepper mash.” Bill had to pick up

It All Started in his Backyard Garden

The year was 1985 when my Dad, Bill Marko came home from a two-week business trip and noticed that the green jalapenos in his backyard garden had turned bright red. He grabbed a bottle of hot sauce from his refrigerator

Where did Organic Harvest Begin?

In 2005 Arizona Pepper Products introduced their Organic line of Hot Sauce called Organic Harvest. In talking with my Dad, Bill Marko he knew back then that Organic Food was going to become popular and decided that he needed to

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