Smokin Hot Honey Mustard BBQ

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Smokin Hot Honey Mustard BBQ

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We have combined the perfect portions of honey, mustard, and our Original Red Jalapeno pepper sauce to create our Smokin' Hot Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce.  This concoction gives you the full range of tastes....sweet, sour and spicy hot!  

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Reviewed by
01/06/2016 - 02:26:34 AM
I enjoy this "Honey Mustard BBQ" sauce on chicken, potatoes, pasta and rice. I do not eat red meat because I do not like the taste, I am sure this would be great on a turkey burger. Just a good flavor, not too much honey or mustard just the perfect blend...
Tess F. New Hope, Pa.
Reviewed by kanmfzs
04/14/2014 - 07:58:35 PM
Love this product
Not too burn your face off hot, but nice spice, and great flavor. I love this sauce on chicken alfredo pizza or any creamy dish.
Reviewed by jjbrewst1
jjbrewst1 bought "Smokin Hot Honey Mustard BBQ" on our website
07/12/2012 - 02:25:46 PM
Honey Mustard
Absolute best hot sauce in the planet...I brought some home while in North Dakota. Now, I have myself and a group of 25 plus friends that order it Monthly. This sauce I good on everything, especially pizza and breakfast foods. It is hard to explain just how goo his really is