Overall Rating: 98.09%
Average Rating: 9.81/10
I've been eating the organic Jalapeno sauce for years now. I'm not normally a hot sauce fan but I LOVE this sauce. The vinegar flavor, the thickness, the right amount of heat. To me a wonderful meal is tortillas, a pot of beans and lots of this sauce. Thanks for making such a great product!
Mark N
First found GunSlinger in a gimicey Texas airport in the 1980's. AZ GunSlinger has been a default go-to ever since. In a market saturated with 'pick-me-first' race I hope this sauce choses to survive - it truly outshines any over-marketed baseline. Thanks to AZ for the years - speaking 'Frank'ly - stomp `em!!!
Andy, Cantrell
I first encountered the Honey BBQ Arizona Gunslinger paired with breakfast pizza at a little bar in North Dakota. I was blown away by a sauce that balanced its flavor and heat perfectly. I had to go home and order some bottles right away. Really spectacular.
I first tried AZ Gunslinger in JAPAN circa '96. I've never found a hot sauce to replace it. Gunslinger favors flavor over mere heat and the flavor is perfect! Best all-around hot sauce for everything.
Lance D.
The Arizona Pepper's Organic Habanero Pepper Sauce is Not Hot. Unmet expectations. Thank you for the wholesome ingredients and for being made in the USA. Habanero connotes Hot. This is mild. I felt deceived. I will not buy again unless labeled Hot. Still searching for real Organic Habanero Hot sauce
Jerry Salseda

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