Overall Rating: 98.11%
Average Rating: 9.81/10
The Arizona Pepper's Organic Habanero Pepper Sauce is Not Hot. Unmet expectations. Thank you for the wholesome ingredients and for being made in the USA. Habanero connotes Hot. This is mild. I felt deceived. I will not buy again unless labeled Hot. Still searching for real Organic Habanero Hot sauce
Jerry Salseda
Just got the other day thought I would try something new, I love it best hot sauce I've had lately I usually make my own but wasn't feeling to good so I got Arizona gunslinger cuz the name sounded cool love it been putting it on everything
I put it on everything. It is the perfect balance of heat and flavor. I'm obsessed with it now. I just ordered a gallon of it
David F
I was first introduced to Arizona Gunslinger in 1990 in Maricopa, AZ. In my opinion. Gunslinger is by far the best pepper sauce I have ever had. Since my first bottle, there is always a bottle in the fridge and several reserves in the pantry. I don’t travel, hunt or fish without taking my Arizona Gunslinger along for each meal!!
Hondo Hunter
I love Arizona gunslinger. I go through two and a half three bottles of the jalapeno pepper sauce I eat that shit on everything you guys are doing a great job keep it up.
Daryn Morris

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