Overall Rating: 98.87%
Average Rating: 9.89/10
Just about finished my 1st bottle of mega diablo. Has to be best Habanero sauce I've ever had. You know it's good when the pepper is the 1st ingredient.
I have been buying the jalapeno salsa since my daughter and her husband moved to Avondale over 10 years ago. They moved back to California 5 years ago, so I only bought it on trips to Arizona or online. I even purchased 60 boxed sets to give my customers. I would rep this hot sauce in a minute over here. It should be on every table of every restaurant that serves bottled hot sauce on their tables. I found it at Ralph's now, so I don't have to buy online or in AZ. For sure, the BEST, most versatile hot sauce on the market! Not even close to Tapatio, Cholula, or Frank's Red Hot. We finish off a bottle in less than a week. You guys rock!
Sylvia Fino
My husband and I discovered the Arizona Gunslinger hot sauces while at the south rim of the Grand Canyon gift store where we bought sampler box. After trying them, I looked up the company online.
For anyone who likes green jalapeno hot sauces, their Smokin' Hot Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce is a must to have. You can control the temp by the amount you use. My first order was a box of 6. I'm now placing another order for 2 boxes of 6.
Marilyn M.
Just tried this HS for the first time, and the bottle is already gone. Well done.
Raymond H.
My favourite! Everyone has bottles of
Richard S

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