Overall Rating: 98.87%
Average Rating: 9.89/10
Just finished my first bottle and I almost licked it clean.
That's the best sauce I have had since I've left the dirty South and better, thanks to gunslinger hot sauce, love it to deaf.
Norris Hilliard , Norris Carpet
Honestly, the organic hot sauces here are the best bar none. I was looking for organic sauces and this was the only one on the shelf at the grocery store here in Canada, so I tried it. What an incredible product. In a sea of generic spice-over-flavour, non-organic sauces, these stand out as perfection.
I had been in love with Sriracha since 1999. After trying the Jalapeño Pepper Sauce at a restaurant in Tucson it is now my new favorite. Thankfully the restaurant also sold it so we bought a couple bottles for our RV trip. I’m so in love
Tammy Yuth
The jalapeno pepper sauce is THE best hot sauce hands down!
Jason Martin

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