Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce

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Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce

Price: $7.00


One - 5 oz. Bottle - $7.00 each
Six - 5 oz. Bottles - $25.00
Twelve - 5 oz. Bottles - $40.00
One 32-oz Bottle - $20.00
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We've combined the smoky flavor of the chipotle pepper with the hot habanero pepper to give you a truly superior flavor!  This sauce pairs well with any BBQ dish and can even be used for everything from a condiment to a salad dressing.

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Reviewed by dray3r
04/11/2018 - 11:03:11 AM
All time Fav!!
I have tried many different hot sauces, its kind of my hobby. This is by far my favorite, it has suitable heat, with a strong smokey flavor. It goes great on absolutely anything. I obtained this sauce from a variety pack, and though I did enjoy the other flavors of sauce that were included, I absolutely love this flavor. I would highly recommend this sauce to anyone. It is truley a gem.
Reviewed by NormB
12/07/2015 - 05:48:58 PM
Heat, and you can TASTE the peppers
I'm learning to like hot sauces. Decades ago I learned to eat Jalapenos at Rosita's Armory Cafe in old Salina, CA. No big deal. Years go by and there's this place, California Tortilla near us where you can buy a cheap, filling, tasty meal and they have a wall of various brands of hot sauces. Scorned Woman was a favorite for a while, there were several others including the HOUSE sauce I liked, but you know, everyone uses vinegar in their sauces. A LOT of vinegar. I find it's really hard to sort out the actual taste of the habaneros, which, since I grow them, I KNOW what they actually taste like. And you can taste the subtle tones of chipotles despite their being lower on the ingredients list than vinegar. This goes well with just about everything. Scrambled eggs, chili, tex-mex, anything you can use any other sauce and yeah, there's heat, but you can TASTE this stuff - and little of the vinegar. Arizona Gunslinger got it right with this sauce. I just opened my reserve bottle and thought to go online to find more. I'll be back for more... meanwhile I wonder what "ghost peppers" taste like?
Reviewed by mirasola
12/05/2012 - 01:03:50 PM
One of my favorites
A friend gave me a couple Arizona Gunslinger hot sauces to try out and the chipotle habanero is turning out to be one of my favorite hot sauces. The smokiness of the chipotle with the sweetness of habanero peppers makes this a great hot sauce for a number of different things.
Reviewed by tychno3
01/25/2011 - 11:33:34 AM
This is my favorite hands down. I dislike the taste of Habanero peppers but this mix with the Chipotle is the stuff. I get the 32's. Thank you Heather L for turning me on to it.