Original Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

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Original Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce

Price: $7.00


5 oz. Bottle - $7.00 each
Six - 5 oz. Bottles - $25.00
Twelve - 5 oz. Bottles - $40.00
128 oz. Gallon - $55.00
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Our Red Sauce is our most popular hot sauce.  It is made with 3 all-natural ingredients with red ripened jalapeno peppers as the 1st ingredient!  Enliven the flavor of any meal.

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Reviewed by Tagert
Tagert bought "Original Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce" on our website
02/18/2022 - 07:18:04 PM
I drink this stuff.
This is one of my favorite hot sauces of all time.
Great flavor with the perfect amount of heat. I order it by the gallon.
Plus, it only has three ingredients! So delicious.
Reviewed by KathyMcClellan
KathyMcClellan bought "Original Red Jalapeno Pepper Sauce" on our website
12/05/2013 - 05:23:10 PM
The best pepper sauce in the world!
We've been eating Arizona Gunslinger for over 20 years. We used to have a hard time finding it in stores and the day I discovered the local warehouse was one of those great events in life. And the free shipping deal has made things so easy so I don't have to drive from North Phoenix to Mesa (Big Thanks on the free shipping!) We've dabbled with the other products but keep coming back to the red jalepeno sauce; there is NOTHING like it on the market anywhere. If you like actual flavor with your heat, a nice consistency that's never watery, this is the sauce for you. It's been in everything from soup to nuts at our house, I marinate chicken for a few hours before cooking and it's better than Popeye's, try adding some to your favorite ranch dressing and you'll want salad every day. We've given bottles as gifts to friends from Hawaii to Pennsylvania and it's always a hit. We also converted a neighbor who went through his 32 ounce bottle and came back to split a gallon with us! Well, needless to say, it doesn't last long.
Reviewed by GoUSA
07/25/2013 - 09:29:46 AM
This is really an amazing product! The sauce is thicker, not too vinegary, and hot without being too hot. Red jalapenos are full of flavor (they are ripe). We reviewed it on our website qualityusproducts.com ("Arizona Gunslinger's Got Heat You Can Eat") and can't say enough. This is the kind of sauce you can safely eat without worrying about losing a layer of skin. Amazing.
Reviewed by tpeck111
12/22/2012 - 09:11:31 AM
Suprisingly Good
I had some of this at Burrito Bandito in Red Bluff CA, and I thought it was amazing, easily better than Frank's Red Hot, which had been my favorite for many years now. AZ Gunslinger actually quite hot, but the jalapeños seem to provide a thick, strong flavor that make up for any heat-unpleasantness, much better than cayennes. The vinegar is a lot less pronounced too. A great sauce that would most likely go great with anything.
Reviewed by CatalinaSky
07/24/2011 - 01:32:02 PM
This hot sauce is so full of flavor and just the right amount of heat. I have never found another brand that is even close to the wonderful taste of this. I am from Tucson Arizona and discovered this hot sauce so many years ago I can't remember. I moved to Georgia and they have never even heard of it here. I order by the case and give out bottles as gifts. Everyone that has tried it loves it and requests the website address.
Reviewed by tychno3
01/25/2011 - 11:30:21 AM
One of my very favorites. It's hard to find the right blend of flavor and spice and this is one that does just that. Now that I have the 3/4 ouncers, I don't leave home without it.
Reviewed by tychno3
01/25/2011 - 11:30:20 AM
One of my very favorites. It's hard to find the right blend of flavor and spice and this is one that does just that. Now that I have the 3/4 ouncers, I don't leave home without it.
Reviewed by justrho
01/15/2011 - 07:12:06 PM
It's the very best!
i love hot and spicy, but i don't like blistering hot without taste. i know the ultimate all time fave hot sauce of just about everybody i know is that well known one that starts with a "T" and ends with an "O"... well, not me! it tastes to vinegary! don't get me wrong, i like vinegar, but not overpowering my hot sauce! i was very skeptical the first time our son brought home Arizona gunslinger. but i was a sport and i tried it. well, i'm hooked! it's rich and thick and has just enough heat to know you've got hot sauce, but the flavor is also incredible!. so, i would recommend it to everybody! try it! it's awesome!